Are you expecting a large amount of money sent to you from family or friends?

Are you using Chipper for transactions summing a considerable amount of money in your day to day life?

If you fit into this category, you may may have seen our source of funds requirements to further increase your transactions limits and have access to more features on Chipper Cash.

These requirements are known as a source of funds / source of wealth check and they are incredibly important in keeping illegal activities away from occurring on Chipper Cash, and making sure you're in good company at all times.

✅ Great! What do I need to do?

1️⃣Firstly, we would require you tell us some additional information about yourself so we get to know each other.

2️⃣Secondly, we would need to validate that you're indeed the owner of the account and truly spending funds that belong to you.

By completing these 2 phases you would be helping us to:

🛡 Protect all users on Chipper that require increased transaction limits.

🥳 Comply with the regulations and laws that govern your home country.

Alright, What do I need to submit for 2️⃣ after telling you more about me?

We're delighted you would love to use our product more. To help our compliance team to protect you and keep Chipper Cash alive and well, we would need you to submit these additional documents:

A. If your funds are from your savings / bank:

i. Your bank or mobile money statement

B. If your funds are from a gift

i. Letter from donor explaining gift reason and date received, donation amount and your relationship to the donor.

ii. We would also need verifiable identification documents of the donor.

iii. Bank or mobile money statements and evidence of gift transfer from transactional alerts along with source (bank account or mobile money)

C. Loan

i. Loan agreement and document showing the amount, date and purpose. As well as the name and address of the lender.

ii. In this case, please also submit the details of loan security where applicable.

D. Other income sources - such as legal, real estate( sale of house), car sale, retirement, inheritance, investments, disability benefits

i. Please share with us documentary evidence / account summary documents fo any of these sources

ii. As well as you bank statement or mobile money statement.

Okay, I'm done now. What Next?

Amazing! Thanks for getting this far. Our compliance team will review the application and get back to you with the rewards you deserve! Thank you for helping us keep our platform safe, secure and more importantly inline with your country's regulations.

Our teams will get back to you with feedback once the documents are reviewed. You should be receiving notifications once we are through. 💜

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