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In order to add cash, please note that you need to complete the 2 major steps below:

1. Link only one debit card at a time:

  • Our new Compliance policy allows you to add only one card at a time:

  • If you try to link a second card, the previously added card will be automatically removed

  • You can link a different card, but first, unlink the current card that is listed on your “Payment Methods”

2. Verify your card after linking it:

  • Card verification is an extra layer of security measure put in place to ensure that no one else is able to add your card to add cash without your permission

  • If you experience any issues with this process, please reach out to the Customer Support Team immediately to avoid any complications.


  1. Tap on the "Profile" tab

  2. Tap on "Payment Methods" within the Profile menu

  3. Tap "Add Payment Method", then tap “Card”.

  4. Type in the required details correctly.

  5. The card will be automatically linked and tagged as “Unverified”.

N.B You cannot add cash with the card until you verify it


This is a very simple process to complete. Please keep calm 😊

  1. Go to your Profile page at the top-right corner of your Home tab

  2. Tap on "Payment Methods" within the Profile menu

  3. Click on the “Unverified card”, then tap “Verify Payment Method”

4. The page below means that you will receive another debit alert for a “small amount” different from the NGN10 debit alert. The second amount is the amount that you are required to enter in the screenshot below

5. If you do not get the second debit alert instantly, please wait 24 to 48 hours for the 2nd debit to appear in your banking activity.

6. Once you type in the exact amount of the second debit alert, click on the “Verify Card” button. When the card is verified, you can now “ADD CASH”

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