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The "Freeze card" button can be found after you tap on your on-screen Chipper Card. Tapping on this button at the moment will give you the error below. We are still working on getting this function enabled.

💡 In the meantime, we got you covered😊. An alternative to this is withdrawing your Chipper Card balance to your Chipper Wallet.

Here are the steps to withdraw your balance from your Chipper card:

  1. Go to your Card tab and tap Withdraw to Chipper Wallet

  2. Enter the full amount on your Chipper Card balance

  3. Tap Withdraw Funds

  4. Your Chipper Card balance will be debited and your Chipper Wallet will be credited

  5. Your Chipper Card withdrawal transaction will appear on your Activity tab

It's as simple as ABC😁! Once you are done with the steps above, your Chipper Card balance will be zeroed out and no transaction can be done with the card.

NB: Please update your Chipper Cash app to the latest version on the App Store or Play Store to enjoy awesome latest features.

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