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How to send Cryptocurrency (Crypto On-Chain)
How to send Cryptocurrency (Crypto On-Chain)

Learn how to send cryptocurrency to another crypto address

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The Chipper Crypto SEND feature enables you to send cryptocurrency to another Crypto address.

To send cryptocurrency to another address, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Chipper account and go to your Invest tab

  2. Select your preferred Cryptocurrency

  3. Tap Send

  4. Enter the cryptocurrency Amount you want to send

  5. Tap to paste the recipient's cryptocurrency Address

  6. Confirm the transaction and tap Send

You're all set to send your cryptocurrency now! 😁

Please note:

  • Gas fees are set by miners within the crypto network and not by Chipper Cash. Hence, they are not fixed and will vary per transaction.

  • You can also check our More FAQs - Cryptocurrency (Crypto On-Chain) article for more information on:
    ◾ The different Networks we support. This will help you ensure that you send cryptocurrencies via compatible networks to avoid losses.
    ◾ How long it will take a recipient to get any crypto transaction you send out

Disclaimer: Kindly note that any cryptocurrency transaction sent to another crypto address cannot be reversed. Therefore, we are not liable for any financial loss that may occur as a result of this.

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