Cross-border transfers received from other Countries will be credited into your Chipper account in USD due to a CBN policy on all remittances into Nigeria.

However, the USD funds can be cashed out directly to your Naira bank account, or to a Nigerian USD Domiciliary account.

P.S: The banks available for a Nigerian USD Domiciliary account are Zenith Bank, UBA, and Wema Bank(You can't cash out to your Chipper NUBAN account) for now.

To cash out funds from your Chipper USD wallet, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Profile tab and tap Cash Out

  2. Enter amount

  3. Link your USD Domiciliary bank account in Nigeria

  4. Select the USD Domiciliary account in Nigeria you wish to cash out to

  5. Your cash out should be processed successfully!

The cash out should be successfully processed within 48 business hours.💲

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