Chipper Virtual Account Number Change
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Why was my former virtual account number changed/deactivated?

To improve service reliability and customer satisfaction. Please DO NOT make transfers to your old Chipper account number as the transaction to the old account will be unsuccessful.

What is the name of the new bank?

9 Payment Service Bank (9PSB).

NB: All banks connected to the interbank transfer network are approved by the CBN to accept payments into their accounts.

💡 This means that whenever you’re trying to fund your Chipper wallet via your NEW account number, you need to also select 9 Payment Service Bank or 9PSB as the bank name.

We know old habits die hard😀but, in order to save your time, please do not forget to select the right bank name (9 Payment Service Bank or 9PSB).

I can't add cash with the USSD code to this bank. How do I find it?

List of banks can be limited via USSD. If you do not find 9 Payment Service Bank or 9PSB via USSD, please make use of your bank app or contact your bank for more clarification.

How do I request a new virtual account number?

  1. Go to your "Profile" page

  2. Tap on “Enable Chipper Account Number”

N.B: Generation of the new account number may take some time to be created

Where can I see my newly assigned Virtual Account Number?

You can view your new Chipper account number by tapping on "my cash" at the top of your home page of your Chipper app.

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