General Terms & Conditions

  1. Purpose

    • This Campaign is launched by Chipper to help mobilize support for 3 (three) local supporters clubs from affiliated national teams in Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon to the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

  2. Applicability

    • All verified Chipper Users will be able to participate in this campaign by sending any donation amount to a designated fundraising wallet through the Chipper App.

    • Chipper shall not provide any service , goods or products in exchange for the donation and there is no prize associated with participation in the campaign.

    • Not open to U.S. residents. Void where prohibited.

    • Please read the description of the local fan groups carefully and make your own decision regarding the authenticity and suitability of the recipient to receive your donation before making a donation.

  3. Use of Funds

  • Chipper will disseminate the funds raised equally to the following local fan groups, affiliated to the national teams (Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon);

i. Club Des Supporters Des Lions Indomptables (Cameroon)

ii. Ghana Supporters (Ghana)

  • Chipper is not a registered charity organization and as such 100% of funds go directly to the supporter’s groups, with all admin and marketing costs borne by Chipper.

  • Chipper has absolutely no control on how the above listed local fan clubs can use the funds and Chipper is not responsible for any of the clubs or their activities.

  • Chipper shall not be responsible for ensuring that funds are earmarked for a particular purpose and shall have no liabilities in this regard whatsoever.

4. Refunds

  • Disputes for refunds will be subject to local laws.

5. Tax

  • Please seek appropriate tax advice as it pertains to deductibility of your donation and as prescribed by your local laws.

6. Enquiries

  • For all enquiries regarding the campaign, please contact your local Chipper affiliate.

7. Privacy Policy

  • We understand the importance of protecting personal information. You can find out how we protect your details in our Privacy Policy.

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