Chipper has now integrated as a partner provider to enable card top-ups as an alternative cash-in method for our customers.

Users will be able to link a debit card to their Chipper app as a 'payment method' and subsequently make deposit requests using the linked card.

In order to make a deposit to your card, please note that you need to link and verify your card by following the 2 major steps below:


  1. Login to the Chipper app

  2. By the top-right of the home page, click on Profile

  3. Select payment method

  4. Click on Add new payment method

  5. Select Card

  6. Enter your debit card details including CVV and expiry date

  7. Then, add card

N/B: When linking a card, some cards or bank might have an extra layer of security/verification before a user is able to successfully link their card.


  1. Log onto your Chipper app.

  2. Click on Profile at the top right side.

  3. Scroll down and click the Payment Methods option.

  4. Tap on the newly linked card and click the Verify option.

  5. Enter the verification amount and click Verify Card.

  6. Your card will be verified to add cash.

💡 A user will be required to provide the exact debited amount (with decimals) to verify their card then proceed to add cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cards can US users link to their Chipper wallets?

Users can only link debit cards. Credit, prepaid, or gift cards are not allowed and cannot be linked successfully.

💡 Users should also ensure they input their card details correctly while linking the card, otherwise the card will fail to get linked.

How many cards can be linked to a wallet?

Users can only link one debit card to a wallet. If a user attempts to link a second debit card, a prompt will be displayed informing the user of the already linked card and an option will be available to remove the linked card before adding a new one.

Can I link another country’s card to my wallet?

No, you can only link your country’s currency card to your wallet. If a user attempts to link a card with a different currency than the primary currency of the Chipper account, they get a prompt informing them to link a card in their currency.

Can a debit card be linked to multiple wallets?

No, a debit card can only be linked to one Chipper account at a time. The system throws an error when a user tries to link a card that has already been linked to another Chipper wallet.

What are the card linking limits?

Users can only link and unlink the same or a different card for a maximum of 4 times within a 24-hour rolling period. The 5th attempt results in automatic flagging and blocking off of that account.

What happens to the $1 debited for verification?

The amount will be automatically reversed to the originating bank account. This can be tracked on the card verification charges table using the verification id seen on’s dashboard

Will the card be verified and charged $1 for every deposit?

No, the $1 charge is only required to verify the card before the first deposit.

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