Before you can complete your first card deposit, your card must be verified. A debit of less than $1 will be passed on to your card during this process; this is like a second-level verification of card ownership.

Complete your card linking and verification by following the on-screen instructions. You can learn How to link and verify your debit card here

Please follow the steps below to complete your first deposit;


  1. Log onto your chipper app.

  2. On the home page click on the Add Cash option.

  3. Enter the amount you wish to add.

  4. Click continue.

  5. Select the linked card to add cash from and click continue.

  6. Your transaction should be completed shortly and your balance updated.

N/B: You will be unable to add cash if your card is not sufficiently funded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the card be verified and charged $1 for every deposit?

No, the $1 charge is only required to verify the card before the first deposit.

What are the card transaction limits?

There are no regulatory card transaction limits but banks have limits placed on cards ranging from around $2500 - $5000 per transaction. Users can only deposit $1,500 USD/day from their card, on a rolling 24hr period.

What happens to the $1 debited for card verification?

The amount will be automatically reversed to the originating bank account. This can be tracked on the card verification charges table using the verification id seen on’s dashboard

Can I complete a deposit if my card is on overdraft?

For cards with an overdraft, if users attempt to add cash above their actual balances, they will be charged overdraft fees by their banks.

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