Business Accounts/Enhanced Due Diligence
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💡 Please note that the business account feature is currently only available in Nigeria.


I no longer want a business account/I want to cancel my business account

  • Please share the Chipper tag for the account you are reporting this for.

  • The business account will be canceled within 24- 48 business hours to enable you to transact without disruptions.

My business account application is pending

Your business accounts review typically takes between 5-7 business

Why was my business application rejected?

Your business account may be rejected based on the following reasons:

  • Based on the user’s request

  • Due to low transaction volume

  • If the documents requested were not complete

I can't send money to other Chipper users, it keeps saying I've exceeded the yearly limit

Please follow the prompts in your feed and complete the business accounts application and provide all requested documents.

Check out the following article for business accounts and requirements: Business Account Documents


An enhanced due diligence survey/questionnaire keeps popping up and blocks me from entering/using my account. What do I do?

  • Please confirm if you have completed the questionnaire

  • Share the Chipper tag for the account you experience this with

  • Share a screenshot of the questionnaire you got

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