There are multiple ways to send money via Chipper. You can either send money to another Chipper user or to a non-Chipper user.

Sending To A Chipper User:

  1. Click 'Send' on your Activity tab

  2. Select a user by searching their @chippertag or their contact name on your phone (If the user has a flag, it means they're on Chipper - and the flag represents the currency of the wallet you would send to )

  3. Enter the amount of money you would like to send

  4. Enter a note on the purpose of payment as a reference

  5. Confirm the destination currency if you're sending money to someone in a different country

  6. Success!

If you send money to a non-Chipper User, they receive a payment invite. Once the recipient creates a Chipper account with the same phone number you sent the payment to, they'll receive the money you sent in their Chipper Cash account.

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