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Linking your Bank account to your Chipper Cash account in the USA is quite easy. You start by logging into your Chipper Cash account, then:

  1. Go to your Profile page and tap Payment Methods. You will be redirected to the Plaid platform to link your bank account.

  2. Tap Continue and select a Bank of your choice

  3. Enter your Bank's Username and Password, then tap Submit

  4. Verify your identity via text message or phone call by entering the required code

  5. Select your primary Bank account

  6. Tap Continue to finally select your Bank account.

You're now set to add cash to your Chipper wallet! πŸŽ‰

Plaid FAQs

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is safe and secure. Here's how Plaid & Chipper protect your data:

  • Plaid works directly with banks to make sure your data is safe

  • Plaid uses secure encryption, multi-factor authentication, and around the clock monitoring

  • Chipper does not have access to your bank account login information

  • Chipper stores your account and routing number safely. It is always securely encrypted.

  • Chipper and Plaid both undergo periodic audits

How does Chipper use my banking data?

Chipper uses banking data in a few ways:

  • To deposit and withdraw money to and from the Chipper platform

  • To ensure users have enough funds prior to depositing money

  • To ensure no bad actors are taking advantage of other people's accounts (identity information check)

Why can't I find my bank?

  • The first possible scenario is that you may have missed the bank in the long list of available options. Please go to Select your bank section and enter your bank name in the Search Box to link your bank account.

  • The second possible scenario is that your bank is not supported by Plaid. If this is the case, kindly try linking another bank account that is supported. However, we really appreciate feedback and would like you to share the name of the unsupported bank so that we can look into making the bank available in the future.


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