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Crypto Products Disclosure - Uganda
Crypto Products Disclosure - Uganda
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  1. Crypto products bought, sold, held or traded ("Crypto Trading") on the Chipper Cash App by Chipper Cash Customers in Uganda are offered by Critical Ideas, Inc and performed by a licensed third party service Provider, Fireblocks Inc.

  2. Chipper Technologies Uganda LTD does not offer Crypto Trading. Customers of Critical Ideas Inc. who engage in any trade of crypto products on the Chipper Cash App deal directly with Critical Ideas Inc., and not Chipper Technologies Uganda Limited.

  3. Chipper Technologies Uganda LTD is not licensed to offer Crypto Trading and is not liable to customers for any loss resulting from Crypto Trading on the Chipper Cash App.

  4. Crypto products are not issued or regulated by the Government of Uganda or the Central Bank and therefore, customers do not enjoy any rights under the consumer protection law should they lose the value assigned to their crypto holdings.

  5. Crypto products carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to buy, sell, hold, or trade crypto products you should be aware of all the risks and seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

  6. You can find Critical Ideas Inc’s Terms of Use on Crypto products here.

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