DriveWealth FAQ
Written by Henriette Tshikwaka Bakaly
Updated over a week ago

Who Is DriveWealth?

DriveWealth is the independent custodian and broker-dealer that Chipper Cash partners with to manage users’ Chipper Cash investment accounts. Your account and any of your funds are held at DriveWealth. DriveWealth helps to trade any of the securities in your account at the direction of Chipper Cash in order to keep your portfolio on track.

If you request to withdraw funds from your Chipper Cash investment account, we submit your request to DriveWealth. As custodian of those funds, DriveWealth then releases the funds into your linked account. Any time you add or receive funds from your investment account, you may see a reference to DriveWealth on your account statement.

Investment Accounts Are Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • Investments May Lose Value. For important information and disclosures visit

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