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Chipper’s new Invest feature allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin by instantly converting your local currency to Bitcoin on Chipper Cash.
 Chipper Crypto allows you to buy and sell 24/7, in just a few taps with as little as 380 Naira🇳🇬, 16 Rand🇿🇦, or 3500 UGX🇺🇬

  • Chipper does not operate as a trading platform for crypto
  • Transactions are limited to Buy and Sell within Chipper
  • Bitcoin is currently the only cryptocurrency available to buy and sell
  • All trades are executed instantly

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency. Bitcoin is the first and most well known example of a new kind of money called a “cryptocurrency.” It creates, holds, and transfers value using cryptographic equations and codes to ensure that transactions can only be completed once.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency which uses peer-to-peer technology—meaning no single institution or government can control the Bitcoin network.

Buying Bitcoin (BTC) means exchanging your fiat currency (fiat currency means your government-issued local currency such as Ugandan Shillings and Naira) in your Chipper wallet for its equivalent price in bitcoin at that specific time. Selling bitcoin to Chipper also means exchanging your bitcoin for your fiat currency. All trades are executed instantly. Exchange rates are set by global demands for Bitcoin and are not controlled by Chipper.

Please visit this link as a start to learning more about Bitcoin -

There are more resources on the internet available to enable you to read wide.

Please note trading cryptocurrencies is a highly speculative activity, and the markets for cryptocurrency can be extremely volatile.

For more information please contact Chipper Support via:

  • live chat (scroll down to the bottom of your Chipper Cash App "Profile" page and click "Need More Help? Chat with the Team" OR
  • email - [email protected]

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