Thank you for your interest in buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum with your Chipper Cash App.

The "Invest" tab on your Chipper Cash App is where you can buy, sell, or hold Bitcoin and Ethereum in your Chipper wallet. Currently, this feature is available in Uganda and South Africa.

P.S: If you have a Ugandan or South African Chipper Cash account and you don't see the "Invest" tab, please visit the App Store/Play Store to update to the latest version of the Chipper Cash App.

Buying & Selling Bitcoin on Chipper Cash

To buy or sell Bitcoin and Ethereum on Chipper:

  • Click on the "Invest" tab

  • Read the disclaimer carefully and click on "I Understand, Continue" once you've read and understood the disclaimer

  • Click on either "Buy" or "Sell" depending on whether you want to buy or sell Bitcoin or Ethereum. Currently it's not possible to send to or receive Bitcoin or Ethereum from external wallets

  • Enter the amount you want to buy or sell. You can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum for as little as 1 Rand🇿🇦 or 1 UGX🇺🇬. Your Chipper Cash Bitcoin or Ethereum balance can be found on the "Invest" tab

  • Your transaction will be completed instantly. You can view your history of buying and selling Bitcoin or Ethereum on the "Invest" tab

Please note: The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is set by global demands and not by Chipper Cash. Additionally, buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum is a highly speculative activity as the prices of cryptocurrency can be volatile.

There is no guaranteed profit or interest when buying and selling Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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