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How to pay with Chipper Cash via Thepeer
How to pay with Chipper Cash via Thepeer
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Chipper users will now be able to complete payments using Chipper Cash on merchant websites that have integrated Thepeer as a payment platform.

Thepeer payment option also appears on the Connected Merchants tab on your Chipper app.

How to make purchases via Thepeer using Chipper Cash

  1. Visit any merchant website that has Thepeer as a payment platform.

  2. Once you have gone through all the steps of placing your order and entering the delivery details; you will then be required to select a payment method.

  3. At this step, select “Pay with Thepeer” as the preferred Payment Method and click “Confirm Order”. A breakdown of your order/purchase details will then be displayed for you to proceed with the Payment.

  4. Proceed to the Checkout screen where you can select Chipper Cash as a payment method.

  5. Once you select Chipper Cash, you will be redirected to the payment page where you will be required to enter your Chipper Tag. The tag will be verified and should return your full name as registered on Chipper Cash. Then, you can tap the "Authorize" button once you have confirmed these details.

  6. At this stage, a complete breakdown of the total amount to be charged will be displayed and you will be presented with payment instructions to authorize the payment. Tap on "Pay".

  7. You will receive a notification from Chipper to either Decline or Approve the transaction. This can only be approved within your Chipper Cash App.

  8. Click on the notification to be redirected to your Chipper app in order to approve or deny the request.

    • Please note that approving the payment notification on the app completes the transaction.

  9. Once you have Approved the payment within the Chipper App, you will see the "Approved" message and the amount will be debited from your Chipper wallet.

  10. The merchant will then process your order/purchase.

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