How to protect your Chipper Cash account

Tips to keep your account safe from malicious actors

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Chipper Cash is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the app. Our team investigates all reports of fraud and takes appropriate remedial measures to conclusively resolve each case. Our commitment to the protection of your money remains unwavering. However, fraudsters constantly seek new tactics to exploit unsuspecting users and persuade them into giving out confidential information or taking specific actions that result in successful fraud. The following tips are designed to help you secure your account and protect the privacy of your account information.

Tips to remember:

Who and what to trust.

Chipper Cash will never request that you pay to access a loan, have your account verified or get a higher referral bonus. Anyone who calls or sends you an unsolicited message asking for payment first before providing you with a Chipper Cash service is almost certainly a fraudster. If you receive an unexpected message from someone who is not known to you personally, this should immediately arouse your suspicion that the message is fraudulent.

Take it slow

Fraudsters often capitalise on your urgent need to receive a particular service. They create high pressure in order to get you to act quickly without giving you time to think critically about the implications of your actions. Carefully review any offer you receive and consider whether it is genuine or not.

Confirm the facts

Be suspicious of any messages sent to you without invitation. Take steps to confirm if the communication has been sent from an official Chipper Cash source such as our verified social media handles or in-app chat feature.

Protect your information

Never respond to any request to share your confidential information including your mobile number, account password or pin. If you do share this information, it can be used to facilitate unauthorized access to your account.

Do not accept offers of help or respond to requests for help

The Chipper Cash customer support team responds to your specific requests confidentially through our in-app chat feature. If you receive an unsolicited offer to help with a particular service, it is fraudulent. Similarly, requests for your help from people or organizations that are not known to you are likely to be fraudulent.

In conclusion

Our team works tirelessly to report and block fraudulent accounts in a bid to protect genuine Chipper Cash users. Chipper Cash strongly recommends that the recipients of any unsolicited messages exercise extreme caution in respect of such solicitations to avoid falling victim to financial loss and identity theft by those issuing such fraudulent correspondence. Please report any suspicious messages to the Chipper Cash team for appropriate action.

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