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We know scammers and fraudsters now use social media, text messages, and emails to deceive people in order to obtain their personal account details and gain access to the funds in their accounts.

Here are some of the ways we protect our customers' funds and account information;

  • We have a zero-tolerance approach to suspicious activity, and we proactively take action on accounts where we have any concerns.

  • Our anti-fraud team works non-stop to keep our customers’ accounts and money protected.

Please note that we will NEVER:

  • Communicate with you on Twitter with an unverified Twitter account. Our verified Twitter handle is @chippercashapp; all others are scammers attempting to deceive you.

  • Ask you to send funds in exchange for any service

  • Request that you send us your OTP/6 Digit Code, Password, or PIN

Here are some additional tips on keeping your account safe.

  1. Verify your account by following the simple steps outlined in our detailed support article.

  2. Choose a strong PIN. Avoid easy combinations such as “0000” or "1234".

  3. Avoid writing down your login details, password or OTP/6 digit code.

  4. Avoid sharing your password or OTP/6 Digit Code with anyone, even with your close friends and family.

  5. Do NOT click on any link in any email/text/social media message from an unknown or suspicious source. It’s safer to always confirm the authenticity of any message.

  6. Always log out of your app, and never leave your device unattended when you are logged in.

  7. Be careful with the information you share on social media platforms and other websites.

💡 Always reach out to us via in-app or email([email protected]):

  • If you receive a tweet or DM and want to make sure it's from us or a scammer

  • To confirm the authenticity of any suspicious promo or advertisement

  • If you want to confirm the authenticity of any suspicious text message or email you receive

Chipper Cash is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all transactions done via our app. Our team takes appropriate measures to prevent fraud and fraudulent actors.

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