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I'm not receiving my account LOGIN one-time password(OTP)/verification code
I'm not receiving my account LOGIN one-time password(OTP)/verification code

Learn how to troubleshoot if you are unable to receive the OTP/ verification code via SMS

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💡Please note that the information in this article ONLY refers to getting a One-Time Password(OTP) for LOGGING into your account, not for transactions.

If you are yet to receive a One-Time Password(OTP) or Verification Code on your phone number after a few seconds, please read through the information below;

  • Kindly update your Chipper Cash app to the latest version. In most cases, taking this action typically solves the problem.

  • If you have turned on your mobile network's Do-Not-Disturb(DND) setting, we suggest that you opt out of the DND service as this could be preventing you from receiving the OTP code when you request a new one.

  • Chipper users in Nigeria who are on the Airtel Network can also read through this article for more instructions on how to opt out of the Do-Not-Disturb(DND) setting.

  • Please make sure you first wait for the timer to end, and then click on the "Resend Code" button. This uses an alternative service to attempt to send the code to you.

  • If you're still not getting the OTP or verification code after clicking on the "Resend Code" button, click on the "Verify via USSD" button.
    For a seamless USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) verification experience, the attempted log-in phone number must match the phone number of the SIM card in the device being used. Alternatively, you may have to enter the USSD code using the phone that has the number you want to log into.

NB: Please do not share any of these details on Twitter-- especially with an unverified account that isn't the official Chipper support account.

Adding an email to your account

Once you log into your account, please ensure you add a valid, working email to your profile for a more seamless login experience.

Please follow the steps below;

  1. Click on Profile then select Personal

  2. Click on Add Email

  3. On the next screen type in the email you would like to be added. Tap on Next

  4. An OTP (6 digit code) will then be sent to the email you added. On the next screen, you will then be prompted to input this code.

Your email should now be successfully added to your profile! 😀

Note: If you can't find the code in your main inbox, please confirm that the email address used is correct and check your spam/junk/promotion folder for the code.

💡 Adding an email to your profile will allow for an alternative channel to receive the OTP/Verification Code in case you do not receive this via SMS.

What are the next steps if you still don’t receive an OTP/Verification Code?

Send an in-app message or email to Chipper support with the details below;

  1. Your phone number

  2. Telecom network provider

  3. Your e-mail address

  4. Also state whether you have a WhatsApp account on that phone number as well.

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