[Nigeria] Transaction Limit Increase FAQs

Get answers to common questions about increasing your transaction limits

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Why do I need to submit my utility bill?

In compliance with the CBN’s 3-Tiered KYC Regulation, a utility bill is required to validate and verify the address information provided by customers in Tier 3 (Maverick).

What if I don’t have acceptable documents?

Without an acceptable document, the account/wallet cannot be upgraded to Maverick.

What are acceptable documents?

Acceptable documents include bank statements, tenancy agreements/receipts, and utility bills (such as waste bill, PHCN bill, Telco bill, etc). Any option on the list is acceptable.

Does it matter when the document was issued?

The document should not be more than 3 months excluding tenancy agreement/receipt.

How long does it take to verify my document?

Address verification is within 2 - 3 business days

What would be my new limit?

  • Balance – No Limit

  • Total Withdrawal (Outflow) Per Day – NGN5,000,000

What can cause my address verification to be rejected?

  • Inability to locate/verify address information.

  • Vague/incomplete address information.

If my address verification was not successful, can I still transact?

Yes, but at a lower transaction limit (Investor) stated below:

  • Balance – NGN500,000

  • Total Withdrawal (Outflow) Per Day – NGN200,000

Is this available for users in other countries? If I am from another country, when should I expect this feature?

This is only applicable to Nigerian customers

How many resubmission attempts do I have?

Two attempts. After the second attempt, if your address information cannot be verified/validated, you will only be able to continue as an Investor.

Who is an Investor?

Operating as an Investor requires your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and valid means of identification (such as NIN, Passport, Driving License).

💡 This tier only allows basic transaction limits as stated in the Investor limits above.

Will I be informed of the reason why my address verification was rejected?

Yes, you will be informed.

Why can't I see the option on my app?

If you cannot see the option in your app, please ensure that you have updated your Chipper app to the latest version.

Why is my proof of address submission status pending?

We are aware that your Proof of Address submission status may show as "Pending Review". Rest assured your limit has been increased. The pending document review does not interfere with your transactions.

Why you received a call to verify your address?

The call you will receive is from our provider to clarify any aspect of your address that is required to complete your verification. If you missed the call, note that our provider will make several more attempts to reach out to you.

What information should I share?

The provider will ONLY request you to clarify your address details or share a landmark.

Please note that we will NEVER:

  • Communicate with you on Twitter with an unverified Twitter account. Our verified Twitter handle is @chippercashapp; all others are scammers attempting to deceive you.

  • Ask you to send funds in exchange for any service

  • Request that you send us your OTP/6 Digit Code, Password, or PIN

📑 Please read more here on How to protect your Chipper Cash account

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