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How to buy tickets on Tix Africa via Chipper Cash
How to buy tickets on Tix Africa via Chipper Cash

Learn how to buy event tickets on Tix Africa using Chipper Cash

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  1. Go to the Tix Africa website

  2. Click on Discover, then search for the Event Ticket you would like to purchase.
    NB: you can buy your ticket prior to the start of the event to avoid tickets being sold out.

  3. Find the desired event and confirm it is the same as what's advertised

  4. Select the Event

  5. Click on Buy Tickets

  6. Select the ticket type [Regular/VIP/VVIP] and the desired quantity. Then click Continue.

  7. Enter your contact information and the email address you would like to get the e-ticket(s).

  8. Cross-check the information you provided and click on Pay now

  9. Click on Send tickets to multiple email addresses if you wish to purchase for one or two other people

  10. Select Pay with Chipper and follow the instructions.

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