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[Ghana] How to claim your Chipper GHS Card
[Ghana] How to claim your Chipper GHS Card

Learn how to claim your Chipper GHS Virtual Card in Ghana

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Please note that the information in this article ONLY applies to customers in GHANA.

We're excited to guide you on how to claim your Chipper GHS Card!🙂

To claim your Chipper GHS Card, please ensure your Chipper app is updated to the latest version on your App Store or Play Store. Then log into your Chipper account and follow the steps below:

How to Activate your Card: Once claimed, you will need to top up (add funds) your card from your Chipper wallet to activate it and see the card details.

  1. Tap the "Card" tab

  2. Tap "Claim Card"

  3. Tap Address on the Verification Requirements Screen

  4. Select your country and enter your address

  5. Tap Phone Number and enter your phone number

  6. Tap Claim Card once done

  7. Allow a few seconds for your Card to be created, then tap Continue

  8. Your Chipper GHS Card is ready to go!

You can now add funds to your Chipper GHS Card from your Chipper wallet!😁

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