There are 2 categories of transactions on Chipper Cash.

Transactions from one Chipper Cash Account to another Chipper Cash Account
With Chipper-to-Chipper p2p transactions funds are reversible where still available in the destination user wallets. However, we need reasonable proof / evidence of a misdeed before funds are reversed. Please make sure to double check who and why you are paying a particular user. Firstly, send the user a request for the money back. 

If they do not respond, we're happy to take action for you. Incase of a malicious exchange, we require additional evidence in order to execute the reversal.

⛔️Transaction from a Chipper Account to Mobile Money or Bank
These type of transactions are not reversible. Once you cash out onto the mobile money operators network or bank, it is no longer within our network. The funds have been securely disbursed sent to the mobile money number / bank account. This processes is handled by the telecom operator / bank that governs that phone number network or bank account.  Nonetheless, depending on the situation we can looking into initiating a refund.

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