We need reasonable evidence of a misdeed or a mistake before we can consider your request to be refunded.

For Transactions from one Chipper Cash Account to another Chipper Cash Account
For Chipper-to-Chipper transactions that you want to be refunded for, you must first send the recipient a request for your money back. 

If they do not accept your request, we're happy to step in and take appropriate action. In the case of a malicious exchange, we require additional evidence in order to execute the refund.

⛔️For Transactions from a Chipper Account to Mobile Money or Bank Account
These type of transactions are not reversible. Once funds have been cashed out onto a mobile money or bank account, they are no longer within our network or under our direct control. 

N.B: In order to avoid paying the wrong person, please make sure to double check all details when making deposits or cashing out. 

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