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What is a Stock?

Stock is an equity investment. When you invest in a stock, you have an ownership stake in the company that issued it. An individual’s stock ownership represents his or her proportionate interest in a company.

Just like a round cake🎂 sliced into pieces, you own a part of a company when you buy a slice(s). The size of your slice is determined by the amount you paid in comparison to the price of the whole cake.

At Chipper, we provide a very basic buy/keep/sell US stocks functionality to users. Users with access can:

  • Buy fractional shares with as little as the local equivalent of USD$1

  • Own shares of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Nike, Netflix and over a hundred more publicly traded companies

You can learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started?

You can start off by downloading the Chipper cash app and signing up for an account.

What countries is this product available in?

Only Nigeria at the moment. More countries coming soon!

When does the market Open and Close?

The Stock market opens at 2:30 pm WAT and closes at 9:00 pm WAT every weekday. However, the market is closed on Weekends and U.S public holidays.

What is the transaction limit?

The minimum limit is $1. There is no maximum limit. You can invest as much as you want.

Any Fee/Charge?

Chipper charges a 1% commission when you buy or sell stocks. However, there are no charges for holding stocks in your Chipper account and you can hold stocks without selling for as long as you want.

How do I get my dividends on Chipper?

If you invest in a dividend-paying stock, your dividend will be paid directly into your Chipper wallet.

Safety of Investment

The Securities Investor Protection Corporation insures your Chipper investment up to $500,000 and stock balances are Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured.

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