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ID Verification for Stocks

Learn how to verify your account to access the Chipper Stocks feature

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  1. First-time Stocks Access Fee (To sign up and access the product)$10

  2. Monthly Maintenance Fee$1

  3. Trading Fees (Effective January 22, 2024)

    1. For transactions below $10,000 ➡ 0.15% of the value of the transaction (We have reduced this fee from 1% to 0.15%)

    2. For transactions above $10,000 ➡ $15 fixed fee

We're excited about your interest in the Chipper Stocks product!

Kindly note that we require specific types of IDs for verification in order to have access to the Chipper Stocks feature. The ID type is dependent on the Country you are registered in. Please see the accepted IDs below:

  • We require any of the IDs below before a Nigerian customer can access the Stock feature:

    • National Identification Number (NIN)

    • Driver's Licence

    • International Passport

  • We require the ID below before any Ugandan customer can access the Stock feature:

    • National ID

How to verify your ID to access the Chipper Stock feature

  1. Kindly log into your Chipper Cash account and tap the Invest tab, then follow the steps in the graphical illustration below:

  2. Once you successfully submit your ID, kindly allow 1-3 business days for our team to review your ID.

  3. While you wait, please proceed to answer the questionnaires as seen in the image below:

Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you need further assistance 🙂

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