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What types of identification documents(ID) are accepted for account verification?
What types of identification documents(ID) are accepted for account verification?

Learn more about which documents are accepted during the account verification process.

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The Chipper ecosystem is a community built on trust, and identity verification is required by all governments to enable financial transactions. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to follow regulatory guidelines by verifying our customers' identities before they can transact via our platform.

We recommend you go through this process using a strong and secure Wi-Fi connection to avoid interruptions. Please follow the clear, on-screen instructions at every stage. Ensure your Chipper Cash app is updated to the latest version by confirming this from Google Playstore or the App Store.

Based on the country you are located in, below are the various documents(ID) that we accept for account verification;


Documentation (ID)


  • We currently accept BVN for your initial account verification.

  • However, if NGN users want to claim a virtual card or invest in US stocks, they need to verify their account with these additional documents;

    1. NIN slip

    2. International passport

    3. Driver's license


  • National ID (also known as Ghana Card)


  • Rwandan National ID

  • Foreign Passport

  • RW Foreign ID card

  • RW Refugee ID card


  • Ugandan National ID

  • Ugandan Passport

United States (U.S.A)

  • Residence Permit (Green Card)

  • Passport Card

  • Work Permit

  • Service ID Card

  • National Identity Card

  • Driving License

  • Passport (photo page only)

  • US Visas and Foreign Passports (for foreign nationals based in the USA)

We will review your verification documents within 3 working/business days after submission.

NOTE: We are unable to verify ID's not on these lists including (but not limited to) birth certificates, school or institutional IDs, and IDs of other countries.

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