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What is BVN?

The BVN (biometric verification number) is an 11-digit number that is used to identify you uniquely across all Nigerian banks. This means that you can only have one BVN which is important to allow you to carry out any bank-related transactions.

How to enrol for BVN?

As a first-timer, please follow the steps below to enrol for BVN:

  • Visit any commercial bank nearest to you with a Valid ID, and fill a BVN enrollment form.

  • Provide your biometrics for capturing.

  • Wait to receive your ticket ID.

  • Voila!!! Your BVN will be sent to your registered phone number within 24 business hours

How to retrieve my existing BVN?

BVN retrieval is made easy via any of the ways below:

  1. Visit your bank to retrieve your BVN.


  2. Dial the short-code *565*0# on your BVN registered mobile number.

Why do I need to add my BVN to my Chipper Cash account?

We have exciting new, existing, and yet-to-be-launched products that you can only access with your BVN.

How safe is my BVN on this platform?

At Chipper, we take security very seriously and we ensure your account and your details are as safe and secure as possible.

Your payment information and personal data are encrypted to protect you against unauthorized activities and provide a safe platform for sending and receiving cash.

Your documents are submitted through a secure verification website and they are masked and encrypted with the highest levels of security possible after submission.

You can also go through the Chipper terms and conditions.

Other facts about BVN:

  • Getting a BVN is free.

  • Only one BVN is required even if you have multiple bank accounts.

  • It usually takes 24 hours for you to receive your BVN, and is often sent in a text message.

  • Your BVN is one and the same for a whole lifetime.

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