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How does the Network API "Connected Merchants" feature work?
How does the Network API "Connected Merchants" feature work?
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The Connected Merchant tab on the Chipper app allows users to see a list of merchants they have transacted with overtime (either for one-time or recurring transactions)

How It Works

Merchants charge users for a one-time purchase. ONE-TIME requests are for merchants that will need users to keep approving charge requests whenever a purchase is made through their platform.

Note: For a one-time purchase, the user gets an authorization request from the Merchant via an in-app notification and also via email. The user is expected to Approve or Deny the request to fulfil the transaction.

Payments can either be approved, cancelled, or expired as shown in the image above.

Some helpful transaction statuses have also been defined below:




Successful payment - Payment completed. The user got debited and the merchant has given value for the purchase.


This means that the user has declined the merchant's charge request.


This occurs when a merchant charge request times out.

N.B: A charge request will expire if a user doesn't approve/decline it after 5 minutes.

Please note that merchants can also request pre-authorization to charge a user for recurring payments. This is mostly for merchants with subscription-based platforms that want to auto-charge users. e.g. DSTV subscription, Netflix, etc.

💡You can also watch a demo video on how the product works here

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