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{Africa} How to Create a USD Virtual Account

Learn how to create a USD Virtual Account Number and receive money directly from any Bank Account in the USA.

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In line with our vision to unlock global opportunities and connect Africa, we have taken another step by giving you the power to create a USD Virtual Account Number.

Creating this USD account will enable you to get paid via ACH Credit Transactions based in the United States of America (USA).

πŸ’‘Please Note:

  • Your Chipper Cash app must be updated to the latest version before you can apply for the USD virtual account.

  • There is a ₦5,000 account creation fee

  • The USD virtual account is particularly suitable for receiving payroll/business payments from supported platforms like Upwork, Deel, Payoneer, Gusto, Fiverr, TikTok, etc.

Follow the steps in the GIF image below to learn how to create one for yourself:

Kindly note that any funds deposited or credited via your Chipper USD virtual account number will be credited to your Chipper USD wallet/balance.

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