⚠️ We withhold the right to end the referral program / any promotion of this nature at any point in time and we withhold the right to deny any of our users of any bonuses, if we deem them undeserving of the reward.⚠️

We operate a referral program that rewards existing users for inviting new users to use Chipper Cash.  We reward new users and the user that invited them, but strictly under certain conditions

Step 1: Generate your invite link and share your invite link. You will find this in your earn tab. You can then distribute to users who are not on Chipper.
Step 2: The new user must first deposit money onto Chipper using the 'add cash' button on the profile screen.
Step 3: The new user must 'Send Money' using the send money tab to another user on Chipper Cash.
Step 4: Get paid the bonus

❗️What do I do if I have completed all the steps but did not earn?
There are a number of reasons why you did not earn the referral bonus. Our systems identified that the accounts you have used are not unique. We only pay out the referral bonuses to unique users, mobile money accounts on the own devices. If any of those terms are violated, our system checks and does not pay out those bonuses.

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