⚠️ We withhold the right to end the referral program / any promotion of this nature at any point in time and we withhold the right to deny any of our users of any bonuses, if we deem them undeserving of the reward.⚠️

🚨Conditions for a referral bonus has now been changed, along with the bonus amounts. See the 5-step updated process below🚨

We operate a referral program that rewards existing users for inviting new users to use Chipper Cash.  We reward new users and the user that invited them, but strictly under certain conditions outlined below.

To refer users and eventually earn a referral bonus:

Step 1: Go to the "Earn" tab in your app
Step 2: Generate your invite link and
by selecting "Share Link - Earn Money". You can then distribute the link to users who are not on Chipper.
Step 3: The referred user must get their account verified by submitting their relevant ID documentation
Step 4: The referred user must deposit and send a minimum amount of ( GHS 5 / KES 100 / RWF 1000 / TZS 2000 / UGX 3000 / NGN 250 or above for each )  to any other Chipper user
Step 5: You and your referral will receive the bonus amount ( GHS 5 / KES 100 / RWF 1000 / TZS 2000 / UGX 3000 / NGN 250 ) in your Chipper wallet after all the above conditions have been met.

GHS 5, KES 100, RWF 1000, TZS 2000, UGX 3000, NGN 250

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