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Why haven't I received my referral bonus?
Why haven't I received my referral bonus?

Reasons why you may have not automatically received your referral bonus

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There could be a few reasons why you may not have received your bonus:

  1. Your invited user might already have been referred by someone else and the bonus has already been paid out to a different user.

  2. You(Referrer) or your invited user have not completed all the steps to receive the bonus:
    - Verify your accounts successfully
    - Send the bonus amount to another Chipper account (i.e. the amount you would receive once the bonus is complete).

  3. The invited user may have created the account and completed all the requirements on your(i.e. you as the referrer) own device.
    It is required that an invited user must create an account with his/her own device and complete all requirements on the same device to qualify for the referral reward.

  4. You may have violated our conditions for the referral bonus and we hold the right to withhold the bonus amounts.

  5. The invited user may not have tapped your link, please ask them to tap your link. They may also enter your referral code into their app in the 'Earn' Tab → 'Enter Referral Code' button → type in your referral code. Your referral code is at the end of your referral link.

Other reasons you may not have received your bonus:

  1. The bonus is paid out automatically 24 hours after all terms and conditions have been met, and not 1 hour after the person you referred has created their account. Please check 'Show Referral History' in your earn tab to see if a referral has been registered as yours.

  2. You may have been barred from receiving referral bonuses if you abused or participated in abusing our referral program in the past.

  3. You may have engaged in spamming our referral program and your referrals do not represent normal referrals of friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances.

Please note: Our referral support services will not take action to manually complete referrals that violate any of our terms. However, our referral support team is happy to take a look at potential technical errors.

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