How do I get and share my referral link?

How to share Chipper with family and friends

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{🚨 Please note that we are currently not running any Referral Programs}

To get your referral link and share it:

  1. Tap on your 'Earn' tab in the app

  2. Tap on 'Share Link - Earn Money'

  3. Select the channel you want to share the link through

  4. Select the contact you want to share the link with

Once the person you shared your referral link with completes the following steps, both of you will automatically receive the referral bonus 24 hours after all terms and conditions have been met: 

  1. Creates a Chipper account with their phone number and not their email address using your link

  2. Successfully verifies their account

  3. Adds cash into their account and makes a payment of at least GHS 0 / UGX 0 / ZAR 0 / NGN 0 / RWF 0 / USD 0 to another Chipper user.

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