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Why was my Chipper Card declined on X (Twitter)?
Why was my Chipper Card declined on X (Twitter)?

Learn some possible reasons why your card may get declined on X (Blue tick, Twitter ads, Twitter premium, etc.)

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Below are some possible reasons your Chipper USD card may get declined on X (Twitter)

  • You are trying to renew (or restart) your X subscription with a new card different from the one currently registered on your X account.

  • You have linked the same card to multiple X accounts.

Any of the actions above could potentially result in your account or payment card being flagged by X.

Steps to take when your X ad monetization stops or fails to reactivate

Renew your BlueTick subscription via a web browser, then complete the process on the X app. At the final stage of the process, where you would be asked to select either Chrome or the X app, please select the X app to successfully complete your payment.

How to prevent future card or payment declines on X

  • Please ensure that each X account is associated with only one card.

  • The name on the card should match the X account being verified.

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