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Why was my Chipper Card declined on Aliexpress?
Why was my Chipper Card declined on Aliexpress?

Find out why your card might be declined on Aliexpress and what you can do

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My Chipper Card was declined on Aliexpress. What do I do?

  1. Confirm that your card's CVV is not 123(default). Add funds to your card so the default 123 CVV can change to a new & valid CVV code.

  2. (If you are a Nigerian user) Please confirm that you are not trying to use the NGN(naira) card to make an International transaction. The Chipper NGN Card will not work on international sites. Kindly use your Chipper USD Card for such transactions.

  3. Ensure that your card is adequately funded to cover the amount of the transaction you want to make.
    Also, note that merchant exchange rates may vary from ours whenever you try making an International purchase e.g. It is safer to have a $20 card balance for a $10 purchase so as to easily cover for any difference that may arise from the merchant's end.

  4. Make sure you are not attempting an amount that exceeds your card transaction limit.

  5. This could be due to a network glitch on the merchant's end. Hence, we kindly advise the following:
    - Reattempt the transaction at a later time.
    - Reach out to the merchant to confirm the reason the card is not being accepted on their platform.

I'm getting the decline message “Payment Failed! We had to close this order due to account security concerns” on Aliexpress. What do I do?

Here are some things you can do to resolve this issue:

  • Ensure your Chipper USD Card is well-funded to cover the transaction

  • Wait a little while and try the payment again later. As sometimes, there could be a transaction processing delay on the merchant's end.

I have taken all the steps above but the issue persists. What do I do?

If the issue persists after taking the steps above, kindly share the screenshots of those steps you followed with us, so we can look into this further.

NB: Please ensure your CVV and Card details are masked-out(covered) before sharing. We would also like to know the feedback you got from the merchant concerning this.

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