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Why was my Chipper Card deactivated/revoked and what do I do next?
Why was my Chipper Card deactivated/revoked and what do I do next?

More information about why your virtual card was revoked; pending refunds on the revoked card; and how to claim a new card

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Why was my Chipper Card deactivated/revoked?

Your virtual card was revoked(deactivated) due to multiple instances of declined transactions specifically due to insufficient funds. Third-party providers charge Chipper for every transaction declined on your card. To maintain the sustainability of the virtual card product, we monitor the declined frequency of cards.

We understand that this deactivation may cause some inconvenience, and we apologise for the disruption. Unfortunately, we are unable to reactivate your old card. However, you may claim a new card. We encourage you to keep the card funded to avoid declined transactions on any recurring subscriptions you may have on the card.

What will happen to the funds that were on the deactivated card?

The funds on your old card were credited to your Chipper Cash wallet with the reference "Withdrawing all funds before permanently revoking card."

I was expecting a refund on my revoked card, what happens to that refund?

Unfortunately, pending refunds cannot be received by your revoked card. Please send us confirmation of the refund you are expecting so we can apply this refund to your newly claimed card or to your Chipper wallet balance (please note forex rates will apply where necessary).

How do I get a new Chipper Card?

To claim a new Chipper Card, please ensure your Chipper app is updated to the latest version on the App Store or Play Store. Then log into your Chipper account and follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the "Card" tab

  2. Tap "Claim Card"

  3. Tap Address on the Verification Requirements Screen

  4. Select your country and enter your address

  5. Tap Phone Number and enter your phone number

  6. Tap Identification Document

  7. Select your preferred ID and upload the documents

  8. Once submitted, your Document Status should change to "Pending review"

  9. Tap Claim Card once the status changes to "Document approved"

  10. Select a Card type and tap Next to create it

  11. Allow a few seconds for your Card to be created, then tap Continue

  12. Your Chipper Card is ready to go! You can now add funds to your Chipper Card from your Chipper wallet!😁

💡 Please note: There is a one-time issuance fee for each new card. For more clarity, please refer to How to Claim Your Chipper Card.

How can I access the transaction history of my deactivated card(s)?

  1. Kindly update your Chipper Cash app to the latest version

  2. Log into your account and go to the Card tab

  3. Keep swiping your card to the left until you get to the grayed-out section showing your deactivated cards

🎥 Please see a video illustration of how it works below:

💡 NB: Please note that you can only view the transaction history of your deactivated or deleted cards. Such cards can NOT be recovered.

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