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Introduction to Chipper Cash business account
Introduction to Chipper Cash business account

Answers to your questions about Chipper Cash Business Accounts

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Thank you for your interest in a Chipper Cash Business Account. We are pleased to share that we are introducing business accounts in order to give users who use Chipper for business activities access to increased transaction limits.

💡 Please note that the business account feature is currently only available in Nigeria.

Business Account Application Overview

Who is eligible to apply for the Chipper Cash Business Account?

If you use your Chipper Cash account for registered business purposes you are welcome to apply to have a business account on Chipper.

What are the documents required?

Check out the Business Account Documents article to see the documents required for a Chipper Business account.

How do I apply for the Chipper Business Account?

If you are close to exceeding our new consumer transaction limits (found on the "Profile" page of your app), you will receive a notification about applying for a business account or completing our Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) questionnaire on your activity feed.

You can also reach out to Customer Support to request to apply for a business account.

Below is the notification you will receive regarding applying for a business account/completing our EDD questionnaire

Tap "No" if you do not have a registered business

Tap "Yes" if your business is registered

Business Accounts Application Steps

What does the business account application process look like?

For registered businesses, there are 3 major steps to complete the business account application process.

Business Accounts Application Process

How long does it take for Chipper to review the business documents I submit?

Submitted documents will be reviewed within 3 to 5 days for review - however, our team may reach out via live chat if we require additional information

How do I know if my business account application is rejected or approved?

You will receive an in-app message regarding the status of your business account application once your submission is reviewed.

What happens if my business application is approved?

Your account will have increased transaction limits.

Can I change my Chipper account name to my business name after my business account application request is approved?

Yes, your name can be changed to your business name after approval. Please reach out to support to make your request.

What happens if my business account application is rejected?

You will continue transacting within your account's consumer limits which can be found on your Chipper Cash App under "Profile" - "Transfer Limits." You can request to re-apply for a business account once you have all the required business documents. Please contact Customer Support for more details.

Will I be charged for the business account application process or for having a business account once my application is approved?

No, you won't. Applying for a business account and owning a business account once your business account application is approved is absolutely free of charge.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Application Steps

If your business is not registered with the government you will be required to complete our EDD questionnaire to provide additional information about your source of funds

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